Stuff We Like :: 10.19.18

I’ve always been a little bit of an overachiever. And while I complain about it sometimes, I’ve always been secretly glad that I’m good at balancing a lot of things at once. (I have posted about some of the ways I make my full-time job and full-time homeschooling balance in the past.) This year, though, I have reached my limits, and I have no balance at all. I’ve never been behind for long, and now I can’t seem to catch up. It’s pretty humbling, and it’s a good exercise in saying no and letting go of things that aren’t important, two things I am definitely not very good at. I’m embarrassed and frustrated — but I’m trying to model what I’d want my kids to do in the same situation. It’s not easy.

What’s happening at home/school/life

  • Sometimes, a new homeschooler sends me an email, and I email back, and our email turns into something like a friendship. It’s always lovely when this happens because one of the things that can happen in that first year of homeschooling, after the initial what-am-I-doing? wears off but before you’ve found your places and your people, homeschooling can be surprisingly lonely. I remember the people who reached out to me in those early, lonely days of my own homeschool life and how they felt like a lifeline. I love that I get to pay it forward a little bit with other people. (And I promise that it really does get better.)

  • This week: Amy’s Library Chicken game is more like Library Turtle, but it’s chugging along. (And hey, this week I got to early-vote while I was there!)

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Links I Liked

Things I Didn’t Know But Now I Do

What’s making me happy

An 18th century kid’s doodle of a chicken in pants from the margins of his math practice

The Figa: fig vodka, Earl Grey, and tangerine juice

Houseplants I can’t kill

These super-cute tumblers

Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Castle Hangnail — our new favorite Halloween readaloud

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