Gift Guide: Gift Ideas for People Who Love Nancy Drew


We think there's no better holiday gift than a good book. But sometimes you want to kick it up a notch, so we've put together a few fun gift lists based around some of our favorite books and authors.

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There’s no mystery Nancy Drew can’t solve — except the mystery of how she manages to stay perfectly coiffed and totally calm in even the stickiest situations. I grew up with the intrepid girl detective, and she’s still the coolest teenage investigator I know. If you’ve got a reader who’s always ready for an excuse to hang with the gang from River Heights, one of these gifts might be a fun addition to your holiday wish list.


Juniper Books Nancy Drew boxed set

Juniper Books has this fabulous Nancy Drew boxed set with Nancy’s distinctive silhouette emblazoned across the spines. It’s not cheap, but it’s a great bookshelf addition for long-time Nancy Drew fans.

The Official Nancy Drew Handbook: Skills, Tips, and Life Lessons from Everyone's Favorite Girl Detective is a love letter to the sleuth who had girl power to spare decades before girl power was even a thing. It’s a fun guide to unleashing your inner Nancy.

Nancy Drew Charm Bracelet

Wear your love for Nancy Drew on your wrist with an adorable charm bracelet just jingling with nostalgia, including a sporty blue convertible, a flashlight, and a stylish trench. I kind of want one of these for myself.

Nancy Drew Hidden Book Safe

Store your treasures in a hollow copy of The Secret of Shadow Ranch. It’s exactly the kind of hidden treasure you’d expect Nancy to uncover in a mysterious library she’s somehow discovered at the end of a secret passage.

These Nancy Drew paper dolls feature outfits from some classic Nancy Drew mysteries, including The Secret at Shadow Ranch and (my fave) The Clue of the Velvet Mask.

It's the Mystery Solver Patch!

Every Nancy Drew fan needs a Mystery Solver patch. (Wouldn’t it be fun to make a Girl Scout-style checklist of Nancy Drew-esque activities to complete to earn your patch?)

The Nancy Drew computer games are surprisingly challenging. You play Nancy in a mystery story that could be taken from one of the classic books: You must solve puzzles, piece together clues, and follow mysterious noises into dangerous situations to get to the root of the mystery in these addictive computer games.

When Nancy’s between mysteries, she keeps her detection skills sharp putting together jigsaw puzzles. This 1,000-piece puzzle includes all the classic Nancy Drew book covers.

If you’re a crafty gift-giver or if you’re giving to a crafty Nancy Drew lover, you are going to want a stack of these Nancy Drew-inspired Get a Clue fabric squares. How cool are they?

Nancy Drew scarf

This amazing Nancy Drew scarf contains the first 30,000 words of the very first Nancy Drew classic The Secret of the Old Clock. 

Every aspiring detective needs a flashlight and a magnifying glass for investigations — this LED magnifier gives you the best of both worlds. For bonus points, stash it in an up upcycled purse made from a vintage Nancy Drew book.

Nancy used her fabulous homemade blondies to sweet-talk a little information from someone more than once, so a batch of brown butter-hazelnut blondies seems like the perfect foodie present for a Nancy Drew fanatic.

Add this t-shirt — inspired by the original cover of The Secret of the Old Clock — to a Nancy Drew fanatic’s wardrobe, and you’ll definitely get a spot on her Nice list.

It’s not cheap or easy to track down, but if Nancy Drew hosted a board game night with George and Bess, they would definitely be playing Crack the Case: A Compelling Game of Mini-Mysteries. It’s a great critical thinking game with more than 100 mysteries to solve from the given clues.

You’ve got to stash all that sleuth stuff somewhere — why not in this stylish Nancy Drew tote bag? I think it makes a great library bag upgrade for your favorite mystery reader.

Nancy Drew Brooch

Dress up your wardrobe with this charming Nancy Drew pin. I’m not sure you could pick a lock with it, but there’s sure to be some ingenious detective girl benefit I’m just not thinking of.

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