Stuff We Like :: 10.12.18

It’s so crazy to think that my daughter is a junior this year — we’re logging college visits, flagging schools in Colleges That Change Lives, and trying to make the most of every single minute. When we started homeschooling, she was in second grade, and I definitely didn’t think we’d keep doing it all through high school. Now I can’t imagine what else we would have done — this has been so exactly the right fit for her and for us. But I’m glad her brother is still several years behind her.

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  • I think this is part of why I’ve struggled so much with the last couple of weeks: The cruelty is intentional. It’s the point. And if that’s true — where do we go from there?

  • … Maybe to our favorite children’s book heroes, whose imagined futures seem happily bright. (Peter’s is so perfect!)

  • Similarly: Mara Wilson on Matilda at 30. They are both perfect, too. And of course Matilda would be a librarian! Don’t all librarians have super powers?

  • And finally: You may have already seen this Helm’s Deep battle scene made out of Legos, but it is too amazing not to share.

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