11 Reasons We Love the Summer Issue of home/school/life (And You Will, Too!)

11) I had to teach my spellchecker some new words this issue, including nerdiest (as in, the nerdiest museum gift shop we can imagine); turny (as in, twisty-turny mysteries that will remind you of The Westing Game); mixtape (as in, literary songs you should download for your road trip mixtape now); and Pemberley (as in, the most Jane Austen fun you can have outside of Pemberley).

10) Outdoor art projects that you can start doing right now. Today. Really. What are you waiting for?

9) Shelli managed to round up some genuinely useful financial advice for real homeschooling families. If you are ever stressed out about the financial side of homeschooling, you will not want to miss this one.

8) Ideas for learning more about everything from the Creek Nation to the Civil Rights Act to the Panama Canal to the U.S. flag to ... well, you get the idea

7) Patricia's lovely, lovely (did I already say lovely?) column about all the questions homeschoolers ask. (I already have this one pinned up by my desk!)

6) You are not crazy for feeling lonely sometimes (or a lot) in your homeschool life. We have proof. And a little help.

5) So much summer reading.

4) You will want to immediately start planning your next road trip, whether you are in the mood to boldly go where science leads you or determined to dig into the past.

3) Marcy has figured out an inspired way to cheat on high school Latin. (It's not what you think!)

2) We tracked down a gadget so ingeniously brilliant that you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

1) It is the most excellent poolside, beachside, back porch, backyard, swingset reading we could put together.

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