Stuff We Like :: 6.1.18

Homeschool links roundup

How is it June already?


  • Did you win our homeschool planning package?
  • You can still get our special preview discount if you order our new high school curriculum by June 15. (After that, preorders get a 10 percent discount, so it’s not like you’re totally out of luck.)
  • If you haven’t preordered my homeschool planner and you want to, it looks like it’s on sale right now for $13.59.
  • Maggie has a great post up about homeschooling with dyslexia, whether you want to support your own student or someone else’s. (As many as one in five people have some kind of dyslexia.)
  • Maybe you’d like to read another magical fantasy like The Wizard of Oz?
  • one year ago: Our favorite advice for homeschooling high school and what to read next if you loved Swallows and Amazons
  • two years ago: How homeschooling can be a springboard to the education you wish you’d had and a reading list for the awesomeness that is Harriet Tubman
  • three years ago: Jackaby is the supernatural Sherlock Holmes, but his would-be paleontologist sidekick Abigail Rook steals the show





  • I am basically just working my way down my list of recommendations from Suzanne this summer, so you may not be surprised that I’ve just knitted my way (still working on my Magical) through the entire 1980s series of Mapp and Lucia. On to the 2014 version! (I accidentally signed up for a Britbox subscription, but I am enjoying it so much I don’t want to cancel.) 
  • I love big, dense books for pool season, and London: The Novel is hitting the sweet spot for me right now. I suspect it’s no secret to regular readers that I am a little obsessed with British history, so I think it’s kind of impressive that this book manages to be interesting and even suspenseful even though I already know a lot of what’s going to happen.