Homeschool Madness: The Final Vote!

It's the FINAL TWO! What's the most homeschoolery thing ever? Cast your vote in HSL's HOMESCHOOL MADNESS tournament.

It's all come down to this!

All March we've been voting for THE MOST HOMESCHOOLERY THING ever, starting with sixteen contenders. Week by week, being on a first name basis with your librarian, carschooling, not being able to eat at your dining room table because it's covered in book, and more fell off the list as you cast your votes. In the final four, "spending all day in your pajamas" barely edged out "going on a field trip and complaining about all the school groups there" by a scant few votes, while "having your kid's big wish be to someday ride a school bus" beat out "deciding that you're done for the day around noon" by a single vote. Now, it's in your hands—what's THE MOST HOMESCHOOLERY THING EVER?

What's the Most Homeschoolery Thing Ever?

Cast your vote through FRIDAY, MARCH 31.