Holiday Gift Guide: Brainteasers


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Sometimes, you just want something to give your brain a workout. These gifts are just the ticket.

1 :: Chrononauts This addictive game lets you travel through time to complete secret missions. You can change history—but too many paradoxes, and your entire universe could collapse.

2:: Megaminx Dodecahedron Puzzle Think of this hand-held puzzle as a Rubik’s cube on steroids, with 12 sides and 62 tiny pieces to sort out.

3:: Oblo Puzzle Sphere It looks simple, but you’ll have to think carefully as you work your way through layers of layers of spheres to solve the puzzle.

4:: Perplexing X in a Box You’ll need brains, not brawn, to free the wooden square trapped in this X. Half the fun of this puzzle is watching other people try to solve it after you’ve figured it out.

5:: Preposterous Puzzle Can you fit a small square piece into a puzzle that’s already completed? That’s the challenge that awaits you in this time-sucking wooden puzzle.

6:: The Art of Science Advanced Trivia Game There is nothing trivial about this tough question-and-answer game that focuses on math and science. We love that it lets you pick your strongest subject to win.


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