Sorry We Were Late for Co-Op, But...

Sometimes you’ve got it all together. Sometimes you’re late for co-op. But there’s always a reason!

Sometimes you’ve got it all together. Sometimes you’re late for co-op — and it’s a good thing homeschoolers don’t have to write excuses because some of them would be … interesting.

  • We thought it was Tuesday.

  • Annie couldn’t find her Tardis socks, and she can’t wear her tutu without them.

  • Minecraft.

  • No one had matching shoes.

  • Someone tried to flush a harmonica.

  • We had to change the toner so Sarah could print her homework.

  • The car keys were being used as a chandelier in a Harry Potter Lego set.

  • George wanted to know where babies come from.

  • The kids couldn’t leave until we collected data to determine who has the longest tongue.

  • Jenny had the wrong socks. More precisely, she had 13 pairs of the wrong socks before we finally found the right ones.

  • All the clean underwear ended up being used in the dog’s pillow fort.

  • Aaron discovered the Trolley Problem.

  • The audiobook was at the most exciting part.

  • We were just going to drop off the overdue books, but there was book sale at the library.

  • My mother-in-law watched something on CNN about socialization and called to tell me about it.

  • The FAFSA made me cry.

  • Apparently only two of the kids made it to the car with their shoes on.

This was originally published in the fall 2017 issue of HSL.