Stuff We Like :: 9.1.17

Hoping all of our Houston area readers are safe, dry, and dealing with kind, capable insurance companies and other agencies.

around the web

This is a great guide for navigating the new world of gender neutral pronouns. (Teen Vogue for the win!)

This is a really interesting read about the prison abolition movement.

This seems like a really fun job.

And this: “In the humanities, we do not pretend that there is a singular answer or indivisible truth. Instead, we must embrace complexity – and all the discomfort and disorientation that this approach entails – in an attempt to move towards a truth that is more inclusive, more nuanced, and richer for the struggle. There are answers and truths, but they are found in the dynamic interplay between context and evidence and theory. Since these conditions are always changing, the answers must also always evolve.”


at home/school/life

in the magazine: SEA has a great discount on HSL subscriptions this fall! If you aren’t a member of SEA, it’s easy to join, and the more secular homeschooler resources, the better, right?

on the blog: I can’t be the only person who can’t stop reading about the construction of the Panama Canal

one year ago: 5 things I do in August to get ready for a new homeschool year

two years ago: 4 easy ways to homeschool lunch


reading list

I’m reading a few books with the kids this week, probably because I was so jealous of their awesome reading stacks last week: Ottoline and the Purple Fox, Linnets and Valerians, and A Traveller in Time have been our last-of-summer back-porch reading this week. (We officially start 10th grade and 4th grade next week.)

I’m not even trying to Library Chicken right now! But Suzanne recommended Miss Buncle’s Book, and it was just what I needed—sweet and funny, and people bought new hats and drank tea, which is pretty much what I am looking for in soul-soothing literature. Also in comfort reading: An Omelette and a Glass Of Wine (a collection of Elizabeth David’s food writing) and The Mouse That Roared.


at home

This was birthday week for my just-turned-10-year-old son, so there was much fun to be had. I pretty much always make the same birthday cake (this one, but I add 1/2 cup of coffee and 1/2 a cup of boiling water instead of one cup of boiling water, and I make boiled milk frosting instead of buttercream so it’s a little lighter).

I love this time of year so much: We’re still in slowed-down summer mode and most of our neighbors are back in school, so we have the pool and the library and the matinee movie theater and the science museum pretty much all to ourselves. It’s like introvert heaven!

I am coming out on the other side of panicking about everything into being very excited about the great Greek and Roman humanities class I get to teach this fall with my best friend. It's going to be so fun!