Stuff We Like :: 6.2.17

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So bummed to be missing the fun at the SEA conference this week, but I am getting to binge Phineas and Ferb with cuddles, so I am making out okay.

around the web

I’m such a deviant: The dangers of reading in bed

I’m avoiding the new Anne of Green Gables (a.k.a. That Series Which Must Not Be Named) by reading all the reasons we should love the 1980s classic version: “I think of Anne every time a strange man on the street tells me to smile. Young women are so often taught to make boys feel comfortable, even when they’re being total assholes, and Anne just . . . doesn’t do that.” Anne Shirley, feminist icon.

And speaking of Netflix television series, it looks like The Dark Crystal is getting the series treatment.


at home/school/life

on the blog: We’re kicking off our 2017 summer reading blog series with what to read next if you loved Swallows and Amazons

one year ago: How we plan to homeschool high school (hey, this actually turned out to be a pretty good plan!)

two years ago: Jackaby is a supernatural Sherlock Holmes—kinda sorta


reading list

Someone who knows me well sent me a copy of Hothouse: The Art of Survival and the Survival of Art at America's Most Celebrated Publishing House, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, which I devoured this week. If you are a nerdy book person who digs literary name dropping and behind-the-covers scoop on publishing, I can highly recommend this.

I’ve had A Most Magical Girl on my list, but now that it’s won the Readings Children's Book Prize, it’s also on my night table. Hoping this one will be a good readaloud.

With all the talk about “fake news,” I’m looking at putting together a history of journalism class (maybe for Jason’s school, maybe for my rising 10th grader, maybe just for me!). First on my reading list: Mightier Than the Sword: How the News Media Have Shaped American History.


at home

At our house, the real start of summer is when the pool opens! This is also the time of year when my children start to get really annoyed with having to answer “We don’t take summer breaks” when people ask them if they are excited about their summer breaks.

I bought new flip flops, and I kind of love them. 

Cookie of the week: almond blueberry cookies