Stuff We Like :: 10.27.17

Happy Halloween weekend!


around the web

I bet a lot of homeschoolers will agree with me that this start-up dedicated to teaching people endangered languages seems pretty darn cool.

Marilynne Robinson on why we should care about the humanities now more than ever: “Now, in a country richer than any they could have imagined, we are endlessly told we must cede that humane freedom to a very uncertain promise of employability.”

Making is awesome. But so are teaching, criticizing, caring, fixing, and lots of other things.

I would love to see this Harry Potter exhibition!


At home/school/life

magazine: Have you picked up your copy of the fall issue?

on the blog: When you have anxiety (or depression or chronic illness or …), some homeschool days are better than others. Nadine has some really wonderful advice for making the best of the hardest days.

one year ago: The embarrassing things I’ve tried that haven’t worked

two years ago: Let’s talk about Teddy Roosevelt

three years ago: What my children have taught me about pursuing my personal goals


Reading list

I have finally convinced my daughter to read Every Heart a Doorway with me—I loved it when I read it last fall, but it’s taken me this long to convince my daughter to give it a go. 

I had a great bonding moment with one of my favorite students this week when we both geeked out over the new Philip Pullman book. (He’s listening on Audible, I’m reading it, and we’re trying to pace ourselves to finish at the same time so we can talk about the ending.)

My 4th grader and I always reread The Children of Noisy Village in the fall, and he pulled it off the shelf yesterday to start next week. I love the way it sets up the rhythm of the year.


At home

Halloween is also my daughter’s (gulp!) 16th birthday, so we always make a big hullabaloo out of it it. We’ll be finishing up our costumes and baking cakes this weekend. I often feel like I completely lucked out in the kid lottery—my daughter is really the sweetest, most generous, most open-hearted person I know. I feel like everything I know about being a kind person I have learned through being her mom.

Are you watching The Good Place? I know I talk about it all the time, but there is a Kierkegaard RAP MUSICAL.