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inside the current issue :: winter 2017



YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE :: How to make activism and community service part of your regular, everyday homeschool life.

BREAK ON THROUGH ::  Beat the dreaded mid-winter homeschool slump, and keep your homeschool going strong and happy ‘til springtime.

ADVENTURES IN ROADSCHOOLING :: How three families make it work living and learning on the road.

FIND THE RIGHT ELEMENTARY LANGUAGE ARTS CURRICULUM :: Shelli tests and reports back on First Language Lessons, Michael Clay Thompson, IEW, Brave Writer, and more to help you find the right one for your homeschool.


  • Inspired ideas for studying immigration, life on the prairie, Julius Caesar, Black History Month books, Pocahontas, Andrew Jackson, suffragettes in cinema, Japanese internment, and more.


  • YOU ASKED  Answers to your questions about writing college recommendations, educational gaps, quitting a long-time teacher, and more.
  • CURRICULUM JUNKIE Science and storytelling meet in Sassafras Science Adventures.
  • BOOK NERD  Deliciously grim and Gothic tales for gloomy winter nights.
  • THE COLLEGE FILES  Reflections on surviving first semester.
  • SMART SCIENCE When experiments go wrong, science can get really fun.
  • ART START  Get inspired by Faith Ringgold’s narrative quilts.
  • HANDS-ON SCIENCE  Inside Shelli’s everyday homeschool routine.


  • ROADSCHOOL  On the trail with Lewis and Clark
  • FIELD TRIP  5 destinations for Black History Month


  • Books to get you organized