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inside the current issue :: summer 2017



GET OUT OF TOWN  ::  Our guide to adventure in your own backyard and beyond, from DIY summer camp to international dream trips

THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE INTELLECTUAL FRAUD::  Are you really smart enough to homeschool your kids? Why you sometimes feel like a fraud—and how to find your confidence again

TIME FOR A CHANGE  ::   Six practical ways to bring more of what you love— and less of what you don’t—to your homeschool



  • It's the perfect time to dive into graphic novels, the life of the monarch butterfly, the art of Degas, the story and science behind the Scopes trial, the legend and reality of Amelia Earhart, the troubled history of school desegregation in Arkansas, and more.



  • YOU ASKED  Answers to your questions about homeschooling on an extreme budget, implementing lab reports, and more
  • CURRICULUM JUNKIE  A resource for studying climate change 
  • BOOK NERD  This may be the new golden age of science-fiction/fantasy
  • ART START  How to jumpstart your creative inspiration
  • THE DAILY ROUTINE  Sometimes the magic of homeschooling lies in just being there
  • EXPERT ADVICE  Summer planning helps you start the new school year right
  • THE COLLEGE FILES  The end of freshman year marks the beginning of a new life
  • LIFE AFTER HOMESCHOOL An unschooler blooms in a literature doctoral program
  • BALANCE  Seven cookbooks to make lunchtime a little easier



  • Audiobooks for summer road trips