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inside the current issue :: fall 2017



CURRICULUM ROUNDUP: RESOURCES FOR TEACHING U.S. HISTORY :: From elementary school through AP, we’ve rounded up the best books and movies to structure your homeschool U.S. History studies around.

THE BEST CITIES FOR HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES :: Updated for 2017! Our hand-picked, obsessively researched list of communities where homeschoolers will feel right at home.

STUCK IN A RUT? 8 WAYS TO SPARK A BREAKTHROUGH :: When things aren’t bad but they could be better, here’s how to take your homeschool to the next level.



  • A NOTE FROM AMY  The “typical day” is a homeschool myth
  • 22 IDEAS  Stargazing, apple picking, spooky readalouds, and more ways to make your fall homeschool memorable
  • 5 REASONS WE LOVE: THURGOOD MARSHALL  The first black Supreme Court Justice is kind of our hero
  • THE ESSENTIAL CAMUS  Your Absurd reading list
  • HIGH SCHOOL 101  Our step-by-step senior year checklist for homeschoolers
  • NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY  Skip the textbooks that give it short shrift, and borrow one of these resources that let you dig deeper into the past and present of North America’s first inhabitants
  • WOMEN IN HISTORY: FANNIE LOU HAMER  Get to know the civil rights heroine who should be right up there with MLK and Malcolm X in your history textbook
  • READING JAMES BALDWIN  Our book-by-book recommendations
  • SCIENCE PIONEERS: MARIE CURIE  5 ways to explore her scientific world
  • PHILOSOPHY IN FILM  Movies that introduce big philosophical ideas
  • HISTORY SPOTLIGHT: VIETNAM  Interpretations of the war through film and books
  • BANNED BOOKS  A brief history of books that got their authors in trouble
  • READING WITH A PURPOSE  How to teach your kids to read critically
  • FALL BOOKS  21 new titles for your reading list
  • BOOK-MOVIE MATCH-UP  Our reading and watching list for family movie nights this fall
  • NUCLEAR REACTIONS  A mini unit study to explore nuclear energy
  • BESPOKE BOOK LIST  Books about bugs


  • YOU ASKED  How can I help my child recognize fake news?
  • CURRICULUM JUNKIE  Michael Clay Thompson language arts is grammar nerd heaven
  • ART START  DIY stamps are a fun, personalized project
  • LIFE AFTER HOMESCHOOL  Riley Jay Davis is enjoying life outside the box
  • SMART SCIENCE  How to find secular science curriculum
  • BOOK NERD  Mysteries new and old make the perfect fall comfort reading
  • THE DAILY ROUTINE  When you understand what matters most for your homeschool, an hour is all you need


  • SCIENCE SHIRTS  Ace your peer review with these science-powered t-shirts


  • HOMESCHOOL HUMOR  Sorry we were late for co-op, but…