Stuff We Like :: 10.20.17

It’s fall! I’m hoping since the fall issue is out and my midterms are all done, we can make time for a little hike in the mountains this weekend. (Very little hike, very big funnel cake afterwards!)

around the web

I’m not sure if I’m just slap-happy or if this is genuinely hilarious, but this Lutheran insulter has been cracking me up all afternoon.

I actually interrupted my husband’s Spanish class because I couldn’t wait to tell him that Ishiguro won the Nobel Prize for Literature. (It’s my Tonys!)

I will read anything about Alice Roosevelt because she is amazing and delightful. Can't you just imagine her on Twitter?


At home/school/life

in the magazine: The fall issue is out! (Thank goodness! :)) 

on the blog: How do you catch up if you’ve fallen behind?

on Pinterest: Our nerdy Halloween costumes board has a lots of fun ideas

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three years ago: Welcome to My Salon: A Different Approach to Everyday Learning


Reading list

We are going to have to record the new podcast soon because I really want to talk about The Rabbit Back Literature Society, which is SO TOTALLY WEIRD. In a good way.

Now that the fall issue is officially out, I can dive — well, at least wade a little! — into my TBR list. First up: A Morbid Taste for Bones, which I’ve always meant to read and never got around to. (I love a historical mystery, so I am hoping this is a good one.)

I’m getting ready to read Euripides with my humanities class, so I am having a grand time loudly declaiming speeches on the front porch. Our neighborhood squirrels are not impressed. 


At home

Halloween has really snuck up on me this year, and I’m going to have to be SuperMom to keep up my tradition of homemade costumes. I managed to pull this off with two broken ankles two years ago, so I am optimistic but hoping their costumes of choice do not involve articulated wings or hand-sewn sequins! I did manage to find time to make our little dog a wizard hat, though.

My kids are also very excited to get some of my attention back, and we have an exciting weekend plan involving hot chocolate, Arete (the philosophy board game!), and The Great British Baking Show. And pajamas. Lots of pajamas!