Online Class Spotlight: Wildcrafting

Great online class teaches how to identify, prepare, preserve, and use herbs #homeschool

We’re so excited about our new online classes, and we thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peek at what’s on the lineup for this summer. Today, Rebecca shares her plan for the Art of Wildcrafting—a really cool class that will let kids get hands on with identifying and using herbs.


What Is Your Class About?

Wildcrafting is the term used to describe the harvesting of wild plants for culinary or medicinal purposes. The main focus of this course is on identifying, harvesting and using herbs found in natural settings.


What Will Students Learn?

This class will be highly interactive with weekly opportunities to practice new skills through home-based projects. Students will be encouraged to share their results with the class. Together we will:

  • explore the history of wildcrafting and the work of contemporary wildcrafters.
  • discuss elementary botanical terms and concepts.
  • use a plant identification book.
  • consider sustainable methods used to harvest and process herbs. 
  • practice storing herbs.
  • cook with herbs.
  • prepare herbal infusions and decoctions.
  • consider plant conservation.


What Is Your Favorite Thing About Teaching This Class? 

Wildcrafting is such a fun and meaningful way to connect with the natural world. It’s exciting to discover that our humble backyard weeds actually have medicinal properties or taste great in soup! I love watching students’ excitement as their understanding of nature’s resources grows deeper. 


Why Did You Decide To Teach This Class? 

Summer is the perfect time to experience nature in important new ways. Wildcrafting gets us outdoors, slows us down and helps us to look more carefully at our surroundings. In doing so, young people gain an understanding of their place in the natural world and are more likely to become stewards of the environment. It’s a privilege to help introduce young people to the joy and rewards of wildcrafting.