Stuff We Like :: 6.10.16

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I think we all know what I want for Hanukkah this year: this. (Think I can convince Jason to grow a mustache for this one?) Eternal thanks to Stephanie for bringing this to my attention.

Helen Keller is so much cooler than we think she is.

Fascinating: Exploring a French cave has expanded our knowledge of Neanderthals in some really interesting ways

I am not displeased to have ended up as Lucy Honeychurch in this Which Helena Bonham Carter character are you? quiz. (You should take it, too, but use caution: You could be Bellatrix Lestrange.)

Because I would read a cereal box about the Mitford sisters.


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for subscribers: I uploaded a summer bingo reading card to the subscribers’ library. It ties into our summer reading series this year, so grab one if you want to play along! 

on the blog: I liked our new blogger Carrie Pomeroy already, but she totally won me over with her adolescent V.C. Andrews sneak-reading. And I love her post on supporting her kids in their book choices, whatever her personal feelings about them might be.

on the podcast: Suzanne and I are talking about how we got started as homeschoolers.

in the classroom: We’re toying with the idea of doing a one-day workshop online later this summer. Is there something in particular you’d like us to cover?

in the magazine: Coming in July: 8 questions to ask before you buy anything new for your homeschool

in the archives: It’s that time again: The Dreaded Summer Break Question


reading list

on my night table: Greensleeves (my reading pick for the HSL podcast); The Mysterious Affair at Styles (I read this in high school last, and I’d totally forgotten whodunnit); Rip Van Winkle and Other Stories (since I need to brush up on my early U.S. literature for this fall), Anglo-American Feminist Challenges to the Rhetorical Traditions: Virginia Woolf, Mary Daly, Adrienne Rich (really digging this)

on my 14-year-old’s night table: Conrad’s Fate, The Princess Diaries, Eight Cousins, Nimona

on my 8-year-old’s night table: Junie B. Jones: Shipwrecked

together: Owls in the Family, The Lost Hero (the kick-off to Rick Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus series, which the kids picked as our summer readaloud series)


at home

watching: Mercy Street with Jason, about a Civil War hospital in Alexandria that treated both Union and Confederate soldiers—it's espeically interesting from a feminist perspective since the show focuses on "ladies" who take on the fairly unladylike task of nursing (I’ve ordered the book Heroines of Mercy Street so that I can nitpick, but I am really enjoying it); Annedroids with the kids—who doesn't love a girl scientist?

knitting: Finishing up my Goldwing, which is pretty and pink (and easy to remember, which makes it great for pool knitting). I made the large version with two skeins of Hawthorne, and it's pretty close to exactly enough yarn.

playing: Super Mario Bros U

eating: haricots verts with herb butter with pretty much every meal

listening: Wild Honey (possibly the perfect pool album) around the web