Gift Ideas for People who Love Norse Mythology


[We think there's no better holiday gift than a good book. But sometimes you want to kick it up a notch, so we've put together a few fun gift lists based around some of our favorite books and authors.]

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Finding Avengers holiday gifts is easy. Finding real Norse mythology-themed presents? That's a little more challenging. Happily, we've pillaged and plundered a list of holiday gifts that would make any Viking grin — and if we did succumb to one Thor plushie, well, can you really blame us? (These are ready-to-buy, but they'd be great bases for DIY projects, too.)

 If you've worn out the library's copy of D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths, maybe it's time to get your own.

Norse mythology gets the graphic novel treatment in the faithful and readable Thor & Loki: In the Land of Giants: A Norse Myth.

If you can read this you are probably a Viking t-shirt

Encourage your friends to practice their Viking translation skills with a playful "If you can read this you are probably a Viking" T-shirt written in Runic.

The most stylish way to contain your Norse mythology book collection: A set of Viking boat bookends.

Test your luck or just practice your Runic alphabet with your own set of rune stones.

Navigate the Norse world and win honor, courage, and wisdom as you make your way toward the ultimate battle of good versus evil with the Viking Adventure Game.

viking drinking horn for norse mythology fans

Every good Viking needs her own drinking horn.

viking helmet

Pillaging is much easier when you're doing it with your own Viking sword, Viking shield, and winged helmet.

viking ship mobile for norse mythology fans

Dream of discovering and conquering new worlds beneath a Viking ship mobile.

Obviously you're going to need your own hammer of the gods. May we suggest the plush version, to minimize damage?

knitting viking beard and hat

Keep warm and pillage on with a knitted and braided beard face warmer.

viking boat print

A Viking boat print is a stylish way to show off your inner Norseman.

viking wooden panpipe

Get your groove on Norse-style with a wooden Viking panpipe.

Hnefatafl Viking Game

The name — Hnefatafl — may be impossible to pronounce, but the rules to this traditional Viking game are easy to follow.

norse gods family tree poster

odin statuette

You don't have to trade an eye to know that this little bronze Odin statue is a groovy addition to your Norse collection.

knitting viking hat

Show your Viking side in a knitted Viking hat, complete with horns.

Go ahead: Cuddle the god of thunder. This Thor plushie may be from the comic series, but he's still too cute to pass up.

viking ship model

Build your own Viking longship with this neat model kit. (They also sell tiny Viking figures to inhabit it.)

This was originally published in Atlanta Homeschool magazine in 2012.

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