Stuff We Like :: 10.6.16

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  • Um, I hope my best friend is not reading this because this is totally what I’m getting her for the holidays this year. (Don't click, Shelly!)
  • I loved everything about The New Yorker’s piece on the unmasking of writer Elena Ferrante, but maybe especially this: “But the right to publish anonymously as a choice—an internal, artistic prerogative rather than an externally imposed condition—is one that women have only recently earned. It has no meaning as a choice if there is nothing to contrast it with—if their peers cannot publish freely under their own names. “
  • I am so excited to plan a trip to the new Museum of African-American History and Culture, but for now, this interactive tour is the next best thing.
  • Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature, and I am pretty happy about it, y’all.
  • This made me love Trenton Lee Stewart. (I have to say, though, I thought his new book was just okay.)


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at home

  • knitting: Why do I want to keep buying yarn when I am complaining to everyone who will listen about how much yarn I have to pack?
  • watching: The Good Place. (Are you watching this? It’s a television show about ethics! It’s fair to say that I am kind of obsessed.)
  • shopping: For paint for our new house. (Our new living room is currently very, very pink.)