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Stuff We Like :: 10.26.18

Stuff We Like :: 10.26.18

It finally feels like fall!


  • Sometimes in late October that back-to-school enthusiasm fades and break still seems too far away, and you just need a little extra inspiration. When that happens, these 8 little adjustments can make your everyday a little happier.

  • A homeschool morning meditation: I want to let today be just what it is, one moment at a time, accepting the bright parts and the hard parts as they come.

  • I think you know it’s going to be a good Library Chicken week when you’ve got Holmes/Stoker feminist steampunk detectives and harmonizing decapitated cadaver heads who need a little assistance from a 7th-grade lab assistant. (Don’t worry, I still found books to grumble about.)

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  • three years ago: Learn more about the wild life of Teddy Roosevelt

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  • OK, I have always loved the Chronicles of Prydain more than other fantasy series, and I guess now I know why. It’s existentialist fantasy!

  • I would never teach a history class with just Howard Zinn — but I would never teach a U.S history class without him either. This is a lovely tribute to what makes his history work so relevant and important — maybe now more than ever.

  • I love this roundup of black folklore books — I’m bumping a couple of these to the top of my reading list.

  • Relevant to my interests: Holy Spirits: The Power and Legacy of America's Female Spiritualists (I could have also put this in the next section because I did not know this piece of Sojourner Truth’s story)

  • Doesn’t somebody want to road trip with me to Texas to see the Edward Carey exhibit at the Austin Central Library Gallery?

  • This was captivating: Climate change is melting glaciers in the Swiss Alps — and one woman’s long-missing parents were finally discovered because of it.

  • HaaAaaAAaaahAAHahhhAAaahhAAahhAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!



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