Episode 13: We Think We Can, We Think We Can

In this long, long-awaited episode, we’re dusting off our headphones to talk about how the new homeschool year is going (busy! ACT tests! Not-White-Men History!), what’s keeping us busy, all the television Suzanne is generously watching for us, and the sci-fi novel Ancillary Justice. We’re back!

Episode 11: The Orange Elephant in the Room and Finding a New Normal

In this episode, we’re trying to come to terms with a new normal and nervously peeking out of our political closets, talking about how we homeschool when all we want to do is hide under the covers and/or obsessively check the news (spoiler: sometimes we just don’t), and trying to get back on the book reading wagon with a comfort read classic. (Also: The scoop on the Lost Episode—a.k.a. Episode 10—which Amy promises she really will upload eventually.)

Episode 9: When the Going Gets Tough

In this episode, we’re coming out of our pillow forts to talk about how to homeschool through challenging times, our favorite coping mechanisms (including the Library Chicken Book Bender exception), and some of the titles on our comfort reading lists.

Episode 7: Making (Up) the Grade

In this (slightly all-over-the-place) episode, we’re talking about how to figure grades for transcripts if you’re in a situation where something’s forcing you to figure grades for transcripts, superheroes who like saving the day, Veronica Mars in the afterlife, what’s happening in library chicken, and many, many books.

Episode 6: But Why Do I Have to Do This?

In this episode, we’re talking about how to handle it when a kid just plain doesn’t want to do something on your homeschool’s academic to-do list (and, for the billionth time, about how Amy stopped doing math for two years and the world did not explode around her homeschool), what we’re up to on the homefront, and Five Children on the Western Front, Kate Saunders’ tribute to the great E. Nesbit.