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52 Weeks of Happier Homeschooling Week 19: Set Back Your Clock

52-Week Challengeamy sharonyComment
52 Weeks of Happier Homeschooling Week 19: Set Back Your Clock

Pretty much everyone could stand to get a little more sleep—and homeschoolers are fortunate enough to be in a position to actually get some. 

We all know the benefits of getting enough sleep (which for most people is at least seven hours each night)—you’re more alert, more optimistic, and have more energy to get you through the day. What you may not know is that getting a little more sleep can actually make your life more fun. A Harvard Medical School study found that people who were sleep-deprived were less likely to get jokes and find everyday events funny. Well-rested folks, on the other hand, found much more to laugh at in their daily lives. This doesn’t mean you’ll magically find Monday morning handwriting battles hilarious, but it does mean that a little extra sleep can make your homeschool a little more fun, funnier place.

People often recommend hitting the sack an hour earlier, and if that works for your family, an earlier bedtime can be a great way to get a little more sleep. But if you’ve got a crew of night owls or just a long nighttime routine, consider pushing back your morning start time an hour instead. 

Your challenge this week: Build an extra hour of sleep into your routine two nights this week.