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Homeschooling in the News: Your Weekly Update

Homeschooling in the news

Just when you think homeschooling is finally losing its weird factor, the U.S. Secretary of Education pipes up with concerns about homeschoolers missing out onexperiences with peers and interaction with non-parent adults. He basically hits the annoying homeschool commentary trifecta, managing to bring in socialization, the “I know some homeschoolers who are awesome, but” argument, and the suggestion that homeschoolers don’t get “the range of options” more traditionally schooled kids do. Kind of a bummer, right?

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The fastest growing homeschool demographic? African-American families, who are opting into homeschooling in growing numbers, thanks to lack of access to higher level math and science classes and to racial-based bullying in addition to the desire for a personalized education.  

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Letting go of extra stuff can have all kinds of benefits — and for at least one mom, homeschooling was one of them. Prior to her toy purge Allie Casazza counted down the minutes until nap time and couldn’t wait for her kids to go to school; after scaling down stuff, she opted to become a homeschool mom.

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And finally, election day is drawing nigh. NPR summarizes where Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stand on educational issues.

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