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Homeschooling in the News: Your Weekly Update

Homeschooling in the News: Your Weekly Update

Two views of homeschoolers in college: First, a delightful little piece on college “culture shock” for homeschooled students, containing this gem of a quote: “I think students can potentially go through an entire career of home schooling, go into college and still do quite well,.” (Note that the trio of siblings profiled were homeschooled for religious reasons.) In contrast, a student at McKendree University writes that adapting to college life is no more challenging for her than for any incoming freshman. While research clearly indicates that homeschoolers succeed in college (often better than their non-homeschooled peers), it’s useful to remember that there are still plenty of people out there who just don’t get it.

The Standing Rock protests have raised a number of interesting questions, so perhaps it’s no surprise that now it’s raising questions about homeschooling. Some protesters have set up school in a tent, where homeschoolers can study general and Native American subjects, but the North Dakota State Superintendent of Schools says homeschoolers using outside teachers are in violation of North Dakota’s homeschool laws.

And finally, charter schools can often be a resource for homeschoolers, but how do you know what you’re getting? We’ve been following the Post’s series on charter schools in California, where things can get pretty complicated.

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