Episode 1: It seemed like a good idea at the time

Episode 1: home/school/life magazine's The Podcast with Suzanne and Amy #homeschool

In our first official episode of the Podcast with Suzanne and Amy, we talk about how we came to be homeschoolers, dish about what's happening in our lives right now (Jane Austen! Men in 18th century shirts! KITTENS!), and discuss the infinitely delightful Mapp and Lucia in our book talk.


You can listen to the podcast with the embedded player below, or download the podcast to listen to at your convenience. Of find us on iTunes. (And if you enjoy the podcast, leave us a rating—we appreciate it so much!)

Plus: Gratuitous kitten on books photo. (Can I just point out that Suzanne also had a deer give birth to twins in her backyard this weekend? So she basically has a kitten AND baby deer right now. In related news: Life isn't fair. :))

A kitten on books. Because that's what you get with the podcast with Suzanne and Amy


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