Thanks for visiting home | school | life! We've put together this page as a reference for some of the questions we get asked a lot, but if you can't find the answer you are looking for, email us any time:


What is home/school/life magazine?
home / school / life is a smart, fun homeschool magazine that’s as creative, playful, and informed as the best homeschool days. Packed with resources, reviews, insight, and inspiration for your homeschool life, it’s the perfect combination of homeschool conference, mom’s night out, and park day, delivered to your mailbox every quarter.

What sets home/school/life apart from other homeschooling magazines?
Not only do we offer lots of useful lesson ideas, how-tos, encouragement, first person narratives and interviews with other homeschoolers, we also offer real reporting on subjects that are important to homeschoolers, such as how to cope with loneliness, financial stress, or what steps one needs to take for a certain career path. We do a lot of research and interviews to write our features. In short, we offer real journalism. And it’s in a beautiful format to boot!

How often is home/school/life magazine published?
We publish four issues per year: in April, July, October, and January.

Is home/school/life a print magazine or online only?
Right now, we’re strictly on online magazine because the price of print is prohibitive. (If you are genuinely interested in buying a print copy, even if it costs $25+, email Amy and she’ll hook you up.)


How much does home/school/life magazine cost?
A digital one-year subscription costs $19. A single copy of a digital issue costs $6. With a digital subscription, you get a PDF copy of each issue that you can print, save, refer back to on your own computer—whatever. We’re still hopeful that we can offer an affordable print subscription in the future.

When will I receive my first issue?
Your subscription will begin immediately — as soon as your payment goes through, you’ll receive an email with the current issue.

How do I renew or cancel my subscription, change my address, report damaged or missing issues, or get help with other subscription-related concerns?
Email us, and we’ll be glad to help.

Do you offer discounts on subscriptions for homeschool groups or co-ops?
We do. Contact us for more information.



Can I reprint an article from home / school / life magazine or on my blog or in my newsletter?
Contact us about reprints and permissions. Content published in home / school / life magazine or on may not be reprinted without written permission from the publisher. You’re always free to link to stories or posts on our website. (In fact, we love it when you do.)

Can I get permission to use a photo published in home / school / life magazine?
Copyright for photography is generally owned by the photographer or photo agency providing the photograph, so we can’t give you permission to reuse photos because that permission isn’t ours to give. If you love a photo, we may be able to provide you with the photographer’s contact information so you can ask him/her directly.


Who can I talk to about advertising in home/school/life magazine?
Contact our publisher Jason.

Who can I talk to about marketing opportunities with home/school/life magazine?
Contact our publisher Jason.


How do I submit a letter to the editor?
Email Amy.

There’s something I would really love to see you guys do a story about. Who do I tell?
Email Amy.

Where do I send books or materials for review in home/school/life magazine?
Email Amy with information about the materials. If you’re interested in sending curriculum materials, email Amy. Be aware that we don’t sell reviews or editorial space—if we think your product or book is useful for our readers, we’ll include it.

How do I apply for an internship at home/school/life magazine?
We are always happy to consider talented high school and college students interested in a career in media for internships at our Atlanta headquarters. Send your resume and a letter of interest to Amy for consideration.


Do you use freelance writers?
We do. Click here for our writer’s guidelines.


I am so excited about this magazine! Is there anything I can do to help support it?
That’s so nice of you. We really appreciate every single subscriber. Truly, the best thing you can do to help us is to spread the word about home/school/life magazine. Tell your friends, your co-ops, your park group, and help us get the word out there.

Do you have any affiliate partnerships I should be aware of?
Right now, we’re Amazon affiliates, which means if you buy a book, movie, or other item we recommend by clicking through a link on our site, we get a teeny-tiny percentage of the sale price. We use this money to help offset the cost of publishing the magazine so that we can keep the cost for subscriptions and single-issue purchases as low as we can. If you’re not comfortable with that idea, you can always go directly to Amazon and type in the title or look for the book at your library. We have had other affiliate relationships in the past, but the Amazon is the only one we're currently involved with.