Stuff We Like :: 5.12.17

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This week's Stuff We Like comes courtesy of HSL's fab senior editor Shelli.


I’m loving delving into world history with my boys, especially with this Kingfisher Encyclopedia, my husband’s history podcasts, and lots of library books.

My young classical pianist is enjoying these “Masterpieces old and new” music videos on Khan Academy.


My Faves this Week on Twitter

On Getting a Starter Kit for a Butterfly Garden

Stunning art made out of driftwood

I always heart owls.


At Home/School/Life

in the magazine: everything in the spring issue that just came out!

in a future magazine: I’m really enjoying perusing some Spanish curriculums for a review I will write for a future issue.

on the blog: This Civil War reading list

one year ago: What we did in kindergarten

two years ago: Rhythms and routines in unschooling


Books We’re Loving Right Now

All of us: The Game of Silence

The 10-year-old: Mossflower

The 7-year-old: The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 75th Anniversary Edition

Me: The new Pevear and Volokhonsky translation of Anna Karenina



I am constantly losing to my seven-year-old son in Star Wars Monopoly, and to make matters worse, I am miffed that Rey was left out of the character tokens. (Though happy to hear many people have complained, and they will include her in a later edition.) Still, it’s a fun game.

I fare better at Qwirkle, or my old favorite, Yahtzee.

Family Game Night Upgrades

Need a new game for family game night? Use your current favorite game to help you choose!

What’s the best way to choose your family’s new favorite board game? Take inspiration from the games you go back to again and again.

If you love: Settlers of Catan
Try: Alien Frontiers
Build a brave new world on an uncharted planet, using a combination of Earth resources and discovered alien technology. 


If you love: Balderdash
Try: Dixit
Put your storytelling and bluffing skills to the test in this game, which asks players to take turns making up a story based off one of the game’s picture cards. When the story’s done, all the players choose a card from their stack of images that could be about the story—then take turns trying to guess which card actually inspired the story.


If you love: Charades
Try: Quelf, Jr.
Silliness abounds in this game, where cards may ask you to act out a conversation between your two big toes, speak only in rhymes, or balance a set of keys on your head for the duration of the game.


If you love: Monopoly
Try: Bazaar
Like Monopoly, Bazaar requires an addictive mix of strategy and luck. Players try to maximize the value of the their collection of colored stones by trading and re-trading based on the randomly chosen exchange rates. 


If you love: Ticket to Ride
Try: Power Grid
All the scheming, plotting, and strategizing you love about Ticket to Ride gets focused on the energy industry in this intensely competitive game.


If you love: Yahtzee
Try: King of Tokyo
The luck of the dice may get you in the power seat, but you’ll have to keep rolling lucky to stay there.