Minding Our Business: Group Subscriptions to HSL

home|school|life magazine :: secular homeschool magazine offers discounts for group subscriptions. (Great perk for co-op members)

One thing you may not know about home/school/life is that we offer group subscriptions at a pretty nice discount. If your homeschool group of 20-plus folks wants to subscribe to the magazine, we can hook you up with a deal that lets each individual subscriber pay just $12 for her — or his! — subscription. (If you want to price it out, that’s the equivalent of getting two issues for free, so it’s a pretty good deal on a pretty great homeschool magazine.) Note: Group subscription price increases from $10 to $12 on September 1, 2017.

We see this as a win-win: We think homeschool groups are awesome. If you don’t belong to one, it really is worth the effort of stalking email groups and making awkward park visits until you find your people. We like to think that super-affordable subscriptions are a little perk we can give to support something that we see as a pretty integral part of a well-balanced homeschool life. And for us, it’s pretty terrific to reach a whole group of homeschoolers at once. We kind of love knowing that our group subscribers will always have someone to talk to about the latest issue of home/school/life when it comes out.

If you want to take advantage of a group subscription, all you need to do is appoint a point person for your group to email us with your list of at least 20 people. (We don’t care if you’re an email list group, a meet-at-the-park-twice-a-week group, or a Facebook group. If you consider yourselves a group, so do we.) We’ll send you an invoice via PayPal, which you can pay after you’ve collected the money from your group, and then we’ll send you a free download code to share with your group as each issue becomes available. It’s easy for you, easy for us, and a way to get a pretty nice discount on the subscription price.