The BookNerd’s Guide to Life: Library Chicken

The BookNerd’s Guide to Life: Library Chicken

maybe YOU ARE READY to UP YOUR LIBRARY GAME and PLAY LIBRARY CHICKEN! Be the person who takes up an entire shelf in the hold section! Impress friends at parties by reeling off your library card number from memory! WIN VALUABLE PRIZES! (NOTE: No prizes will be awarded.) 

5 Reasons to Check Out the HSL Podcast

Our favorite secular homeschool podcast might be your new favorite secular homeschool podcast, too.

This summer, Suzanne had the brilliant idea to start a home | school | life podcast, where we could talk about the big homeschooling questions: What does our decision to homeschool say about us as educated, intelligent women? How do you know when to push a kid to do something she hates and when to put a pin it? What is the weird obsession the world has with whether homeschoolers are socialized? Plus a podcast would give us another place to obsess over what we’re reading, what we wish we were reading, what our kids are reading, and what we wish we’d never, ever read. We recorded our first episode at the end of May, and we’ve been putting out a new episode every fortnight(-ish) since.

If you’ve been listening, thanks! (Especially if you’ve sent us an email or left a comment—that makes our day!) And if you haven’t listened to The Podcast with Suzanne and Amy, here are five reasons you might want to tune in to an episode:

1.  Suzanne and I do everything about homeschooling really differently—except for being neurotic about overthinking everything and feeling guilty every couple of days. We both do that. Maybe we all do that?

2.  We have read some terrific books so far, including an Anthony Trollope-ish novel about very class-conscious dragons with Victorian manners, an apocalyptic thriller in which a scientist and a witch are working—sometimes together, sometimes against each other—to save the world, and a piece of E. Nesbit fan fiction that’s really pretty charming.

3.  If you have ever maxed out your library card and your holds and had to read like a maniac to beat your next requested book to the library, you could be a contender for Suzanne’s favorite game: Library Chicken. (Amy plays the less exciting Yarn Chicken, which basically involves knitting faster and faster as your yarn starts to run out, as though speed will magically extend the length of your yarn.)

4.  You love the magazine but sometimes wonder “Who are these people anyway?” You can learn a lot about our everyday homeschool lives—including Amy’s family’s “absolutely no spitting ever” rule, Suzanne’s morning routine, how we handle sick days, and lots more—on the podcast.

5.  You don’t have anyone to obsess with over things like whether you should be worried about teaching calculus or how you’re going to cope with the fact that high school has completely thrown your daughter’s social circle for a loop. Obsess with us! We have obsession to spare.

You can keep up with the podcast here on the website or on iTunes, and if you enjoy it (or if you don’t!), we’d love to hear from you! It sounds silly, but sometimes the Internet feels like a lonely place, and it’s so nice to know you’re not just floating out there alone. :)

What’s happening at home | school | life

Our secular homeschool podcast, online classes, book club, new bloggers, and more--a little update from HSL

We’ve been so busy this summer, I thought it might be a good idea to round up all the cool things that have been happening here at home | school | life into one post, in case you’ve missed anything while you were busy with your own summer adventures.

We have a podcast! (It was Suzanne’s idea.) The Podcast with Suzanne and Amy is a fortnightly podcast about the places where home, school, and life intersect, plus lots and lots of book talk. We’ve recorded five episodes so far; you can listen to them here or on iTunes.

We offer a smart, eclectic mix of online classes for late middle school/high school students. We set up these classes to be interest-driven and intellectually rigorous—two things I know I’m always looking for as the parent of a newbie high schooler. I’d love to see them all fill up with awesome kids — for us, these classes are as much about community as about learning about Hamilton. (Not that we’d ever knock our five-dollar Founding Father!)

And speaking of community, we’re pretty thrilled to introduce home | school | life reads, a middle grades book club led by our resident Book Nerd Suzanne Rezelman with optional weekly assignments and a monthly online meeting. We’re kicking things off with The Westing Game as our September read—you should join us!

We’re making a small change to our group subscriptions deal: You can still get a subscription to home | school | life magazine for $10 per person when you subscribe with a group of at least 20 people, but we’ll only be offering the group subscription option in September and January.

We've been adding new stuff to the subscribers’ library all summer. If you’re a subscriber, when you log in, scroll down past the current issue to see what else is available for free download. (And if you’re not a subscriber, you can become one right here.)

You may have noticed that we’ve added some terrific new writers to our blogging team. If you’re catching up on posts, start with the ones from Molly, Carrie, and Cate. (And of course Shelli, Rebecca, and I are still posting, too.)

Because we recognize that we may overstuff your library list now and again, we’ve added a little section to the site where we can let you know when books we’ve recommended on the blog or in the magazine are on sale. We’ll only be posting book deals for books we’ve actually recommended, so it’s not just a willy-nilly books-on-sale list. (Though we appreciate those, too!)

We’re also in the process of updating our Best Cities for Homeschool Families list for 2017—and we’d love your input. Nominate your favorite homeschool city here.

And, of course, we're also hard at work on the most important thing we do here at home | school | life: We're well into work on the fall issue of HSL and look forward to sharing it with our awesome readers in October.

And finally—want to know whenever a new post goes up on the home | school | life website? We've set up a Bloglovin feed that will shoot you an email when we post something new on the blog. There's a sign-up link in the right sidebar, and you can also sign up right here: