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It’s my pleasure to announce a new service here at home/school/life, and it’s free for anyone who would like to sign up.

If you were a fan of Amy’s “Monday Pep Talks,” you’ll definitely want to sign up. Once a quarter (between the magazine issues), we’re going to send out the Pep Talks by e-mail. But this will be an ultra-pep talk like this one: click here.

Pep talks are full of inspiring things to do, delicious food to cook, book recommendations and other inspiration to rev your engines and put spice into your homeschool life.

We will also fill you in on some of the best blog posts from the last quarter and let you know what else is happening around here on home/school/life.  And don’t worry, we absolutely promise we won’t spam you, sell your e-mail address, or send out a pep talk more than four times a year. 

How can you sign up? Well, if you had signed up for our former monthly newsletter (which has been on permanent hiatus for awhile), you don’t need to do anything. You’re already signed up for the Pep Talk!

But if you aren’t signed up, you can use our sign-up form here:

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If you don’t want to receive the Pep Talk, there will be an unsubscribe option at the bottom of each e-mail, or you can e-mail Shelli and ask her to remove your address from the list.

As always, thank you for supporting home/school/life! We couldn’t continue to expand without our faithful readers.

Homeschool Halloween


Does your family celebrate Halloween? I know a lot of homeschoolers enjoy dressing up and trick or treating, so I thought it would be fun to chronicle a "Homeschool Halloween" in our November newsletter.  E-mail me pictures of your kids or yourself in your costumes by noon EST (or 5:00p.m. UTC) on November 1st. I will try to send out the newsletter that evening or early on November 2nd.

A caption, names and locations are optional.

I hope to get photos from homeschoolers all across the country and beyond. I think it will be fun for our kids to see how other homeschoolers dress up! And you can share the newsletter with whomever you like!

Note: We are no longer accepting submissions for this newsletter. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can view this very spooky newsletter by clicking here. But be sure to subscribe so you can view our fun future newsletters too!