The Introvert's Guide to Making Homeschool Friends

Nice list of ideas for introverted homeschool parents to make friends and/or feel more comfortable in homeschool social situations. (The whole article in in the fall issue of home/school/life magazine.)

Introverts need people, too. Just not all the time. Grow your community by strategically investing your social resources.

Take advantage of online groups. Email and internet forums let you communicate when and how you want to.

Be proactive. Volunteer to help with an activity, and you’ll get a conversation topic and a purpose at events.

Look for activities with a clear start and end time. Open-ended activities can stress you out because it’s hard to pace yourself, so always go into an activity knowing when you plan to leave it.

Bring a conversation topic.  Stash a book you’re reading, a curriculum catalog, or a knitting project in your bag. You’ll have something to do and something to talk about.

Know your comfort zone. It’s okay to skip a crowded homeschool day at a museum and to set up a field trip for a small group another day instead.


For more strategies for building your homeschool community—including tips for extroverts in search of homeschool pals—read “Socialize Yourself” in our fall issue.