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Stuff We Like :: 5.12.17

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I’m loving delving into world history with my boys, especially with this Kingfisher Encyclopedia, my husband’s history podcasts, and lots of library books.

My young classical pianist is enjoying these “Masterpieces old and new” music videos on Khan Academy.


My Faves this Week on Twitter

On Getting a Starter Kit for a Butterfly Garden

Stunning art made out of driftwood

I always heart owls.


At Home/School/Life

in the magazine: everything in the spring issue that just came out!

in a future magazine: I’m really enjoying perusing some Spanish curriculums for a review I will write for a future issue.

on the blog: This Civil War reading list

one year ago: What we did in kindergarten

two years ago: Rhythms and routines in unschooling


Books We’re Loving Right Now

All of us: The Game of Silence

The 10-year-old: Mossflower

The 7-year-old: The Complete Adventures of Curious George: 75th Anniversary Edition

Me: The new Pevear and Volokhonsky translation of Anna Karenina



I am constantly losing to my seven-year-old son in Star Wars Monopoly, and to make matters worse, I am miffed that Rey was left out of the character tokens. (Though happy to hear many people have complained, and they will include her in a later edition.) Still, it’s a fun game.

I fare better at Qwirkle, or my old favorite, Yahtzee.

Heads Up: Free U.S. and World History Courses

Awesome resource for high school history: free online lectures covering lots of eras and events. #homeschool

Have you had a hard time finding a good, up-to-date, well-researched resource for your homeschool history studies?

I wanted to let you know that my husband, Dr. George Pabis, Ph.D., has created History for Homeschoolers, a FREE website with audio lectures that he uses as a part of his U.S. and World History college courses.

What qualifies my husband to teach history to homeschoolers? He is a trained historian with a Master’s degree in Russian history and a Ph.D. in American History. He has written many book chapters, book reviews, and scholarly articles in environmental and engineering history, and he wrote the book Daily Life Along the Mississippi. He has been teaching history at the college level for over 18 years.

In other words, he’s not just a history enthusiast or journalist writing about history, he’s a real scholar.

For the last three years, he has been teaching online, so he’s been creating audio lectures, and his students have given him positive feedback on them. We think middle school children and up could probably follow the audio lectures on their own, and parents who are teaching younger children might find it an easy way to brush up on their history. 

After all the audio lectures are uploaded (U.S. History is complete, and he’s adding a new lecture to World History each week), Dr. Pabis is going to add other resources to the site that will help you continue with your exploration of the past, such as key terms; suggested videos, books and reputable websites; photographs and more. You can follow the site’s blog, What’s New, to receive notices when something is added to the site.

This is a long-term, ongoing project, and over time, we hope to make the site very robust, but even now, just the audio lectures are enough to give you a complete course in both U.S. and World History. We hope you will enjoy it and let us know, if it works for you.

I am the site’s Webmaster, so if you have any questions about anything, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments below.