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Stuff We Like :: 3.3.17

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This week’s weirdly Hamilton-free Stuff We Like is brought to you by Suzanne.

around the web

We’ve established that I’m a big fan of lists, yes? Here are a couple of good ones: 100 YA Books For Feminists and the Bookish Spring 2017 Preview

Something to look forward to: the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer!

LEGO for everyone!


at home/school/life

in print: We’re putting together a “best of” HSL magazine to pass out at the SEA conference. Anything you think we should be sure to include?

on the blog: We are getting ready to launch Homeschool Madness this weekend, and I think you are going to like it A LOT.

on the podcast: The Lost Episode is up, and we’re talking about math.

one year ago: Shelli kicked off her year of citizen science with Lab in the Wild.

two years ago: Navigating the bumpy patches


reading list

I’m reading Rita Williams-Garcia’s Gone Crazy in Alabama, the third book (following One Crazy Summer and P.S. Be Eleven) in her middle-grade trilogy about the Gaither sisters growing up in 1960’s America, but I’m reading it sloooowly, because I don’t want to say goodbye to these girls. I’d gladly follow the narrator, Delphine, from age 13 to 43.

I’m doing a lot of comfort reading these days, which means I’ve got a stack of Georgette Heyer novels from the library, plus Jennifer Kloester’s Georgette Heyer’s Regency World, an entertaining overview (in the spirit of What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew and To Marry an English Lord) of Regency customs and culture.

For the podcast: Ann Leckie’s won-every-award-in-the-sf-genre: Ancillary Justice!


at home

Because we’re slow watchers (and it’s not easy getting everyone in the house together in front of the television at the same time) we’re still working our way through season one of Supergirl and have just begun season three of The Flash. Gotta catch up in time for the upcoming Big Musical Crossover!

Some great mini-series (mini-serieses?) on this week: ABC’s When We Rise, about the beginnings of the LGBTQ equality movement, and the PBS documentary Africa’s Great Civilizations, hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Update from February’s Stuff We Like: the Christmas tree is down! Hurray! Yes, there may still be a few snowmen and ‘Merry Christmas’ signs scattered throughout the house, and the stockings have only made it from in front of the mantel to on top of the mantel, but it’s progress!