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Stuff We Like :: 2.16.17

Stuff We Like :: 2.16.17

Killer fashion (literally), how to do a better job navigating the situation if you find yourself in a Broadway musical, a little love for the world's rule followers, and more stuff we like.

At Home with the Editors: Amy’s 9th Grade Reading List

At Home with the Editors: Amy’s 9th Grade Reading List

Our 9th grade homeschool reading list is heavy on U.S. history and literature, with an effort to bring in diverse voices and stories. (Plus lots of physical science and a Studio Ghibli lit class!)

Stuff We Like :: 5.26.15

home|school|life’s Friday roundup of the best homeschool links, reads, tools, and other fun stuff has lots of ideas and resources. 

Suzanne and I are working on getting the podcast back into something resembling regular rotation. This has been a busy year!

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Ooh, they are making a TV adaptation of The City and the City, which could be amazing because that book is so wonderfully weird.

I may be the last person to read this lovely piece about the Metropolitan Museum of Art and From the Mixed of Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, but it’s delightful.

This is what shopping is like right now! Ugh.

Oh, and speaking of fashion, this piece on appreciating the physics of fashion was fascinating.

Relevant to my interests: The fierce, forgotten library wars of the ancient world


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on the blog: Two great ways to spend your homeschool budget: Oak Meadow’s spring sale (20% off, guys!) and the SEA Conference (a totally secular homeschool conference)

one year ago: Rebecca’s got the scoop on a hands-on curriculum for studying nature with children

two years ago: What’s so special about homeschooling?


reading list

I totally lost at Library Chicken this week, so I am planning a virtuous weekend of actually reading my library books, starting with Worth a Dozen Men: Women and Nursing in the Civil War South and All the Single Ladies: Unmarried Women and the Rise of an Independent Nation.

I got to reread East of Eden twice this year (once with my daughter and now again with one of my favorite students — though, who am I kidding, I only teach people I like so they are all my favorites), and it has just cemented my opinion that this book is the Great American Novel. (If you haven’t read it, I’m so jealous because you get to read it for the first time, but also you should put it on your holds list now.)

We took a week off, so we’re easing back into our regular routine with The Magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True. I’m pretty sure there’s scientific research to support the idea that all summer readalouds are better when you read them at the pool.


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I am hooked on the new Twin Peaks. (Which is no surprise to anyone who knew me in high school, when I would camp out in front of the television at parties, hissing at people to keep it down.) It’s so utterly weird, and I love that it’s unpredictable and difficult and resistant to passive viewing—obviously many people do NOT like those qualities in a television show, but I really, really do.

Cookie of the week: lemon sugar cookies (these are lovely!)

Stuff We Like :: 10.16.15

home|school|life's Friday roundup of the best homeschool links, reads, tools, and other fun stuff has lots of ideas and resources.

I love when the first story for the next issue comes in the same week the current issue goes out to subscribers. It makes me feel so productive!

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This American Life presents the state of U.S. education in “The Problem We All Live With.” Definitely worth a listen.

Strunk & White: Grammar Police. This is a series that needs to happen.

Fascinating read: What happens when Amazon dies?


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in the magazine: Our fall issue is out!

on pinterest: Painted rocks with owls! Hello, Monday art project.

on the blog: I loved Shelli’s post on how to set—and achieve—academic goals in your homeschool.


reading list

I am a pretty vocal proponent of rereading, but every once in a while, I wonder what I’m missing out on by reading something again instead of reading something new. Then I reread something like East of Eden, and I know I am not missing anything.

Mo Willems is a sure bet in our house, so it’s no surprise my son is digging The Story of Diva and Flea. My daughter has been digging A School for Unusual Girls, which is about a spy school for rambunctious young ladies, set in the early 1800s.

I love everything Ruth Reichl writes, and My Kitchen Year is no exception. (My favorite is still Garlic and Sapphires, though.)


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Why yes, I have watched the Wonderfalls series twice in a row all by myself.It’s the perfect antidote to feeling sorry for myself.

I have started my December sweaters for the kids—I like to try to knit each of them a sweater every year. I’m making another Fisherman’s Pullover for my son (one of my all-time favorite knitting patterns) and a Boxy for my teenage daughter, mostly so she will quit "borrowing" mine.

I'm trying to find my way back to a workable fitness routine for the next six weeks of my recovery, and chair yoga has been a pretty good start.