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Study Topic: Mary Tudor

Study Topic: Mary Tudor

From lonely child to merciless monarch, Queen Mary I of England never seemed to catch a break. Mark the 500th anniversary of her birth (on Feb. 18, 1516) by learning more about England’s first queen regnant.

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Here's a little roundup of what's making our homeschool lives a little more interesting lately.

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If you’ve taken the Rory Gilmore reading challenge, you will want to know what Rory read after Gilmore Girls. (I loved Station Eleven!)

Hilarious: Emily Dickinson on Facebook

Apparently speed listening to audiobooks is a thing now? This was a fascinating read — I’m really interested in the differences between wide, shallow learning and deep, narrow learning. (I think there are benefits to both.)


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On the site: Work is still (obviously) underway here on, but the end is nigh!

In the magazine: It’s a running joke at Casa Sharony that every issue of home/school/life is always my favorite, but this one is really good, y’all! I’m hunkered down with final edits, so look for your copy next week.

On Pinterest: These spoon puppets would be a great project when it’s too hot or rainy to play outside.


At home

What's on our menu for the Fourth: my favorite grilled salmon and campfire potatoes, plus a giant veggie salad

I have been plugging away at my Beekeeper’s Quilt, using up all my scrap ends of yarn. I adore this project and willingly acknowledge that I will probably not finish it until I am eligible for Social Security.

I’m trying to convince my daughter to join me this England in the Time of Richard III course (it’s free!) so that we can read The Daughter of Time together again. So far, she is not sharing my rabid enthusiasm for British history, but I'm hoping to convince her before it starts on the 13th.