Monday Pep Talk No. 8

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Welcome to your weekly dose of inspiration to help make this week of your homeschool life just a little bit better.  

3 fun things to do this week

You probably won’t need much encouragement for this one, but Monday is Buy a Book Day. (Check out Book Sale Finder to find library book sales going on in your neck of the woods.)

Take advantage of the lingering warm weather to have a real-life Minecraft treasure huntin your backyard.

Have a Star Trek marathon this week to celebrate the series’ television premiere on September 8, 1966. (I think the Next Generation series is the most engaging, but you could go old-school with the original television episodes or screen the two newest installments in the franchise, too.)


3 ideas for this week’s dinners

Grilled green bean salad makes a yummy side for grilled chicken or steak.

There are a lot of steps in this grilled paella recipe, but since the end result is grilled paella, the payoff should be worth it.

This spiced Indian corn recipe will make you want to keep buying every ear of corn at the farmers market until they run out.


one great readaloud

The Twits
By Roald Dahl

Plot your vengeance against the horrible husband and wife in The Twits, in honor of Roald Dahl’s birthday on September 13.


one thought to ponder

in case of emergency (because sometimes you need something stronger than inspiration) 

sweet and salty truffle pie