Monday Pep Talk No. 16

home|school|life magazine's Monday Pep Talk has lots of fun ideas for planning your homeschool week.

It’s a brand-new week, so fill it up with fun. Here’s a little jump-start to get you going.

3 fun things to do this week

Practice your U.S. geography with a Tetris-style online game that uses states and a map instead of just colored blocks.

It’s time to start planning your holiday gifts, and these three-ingredient lemon bar soaps would make a perfect rainy day project.

Make a cloud in your living room.


3 ideas for this week’s dinners

Potato hash with spinach and eggs is as easy as breakfast-for-dinner but looks like you made an effort.

Carnitas tacos are always a hit at our house, and you can whip up this version in the crockpot.

The perfect fall pizza: butternut squash topped with broccolini, chickpeas, and red onion.


one great readaloud

Annotated Treasure Island, The
By Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson’s birthday (on the 13th) makes this a great week to put Treasure Island on your readaloud list. There's a reason this action-packed tale is considered a classic adventure story. (This annotated version is the one to get—the extra historical research and technical details really bring the story to life.)


one thought to ponder


in case of emergency {because sometimes you need something stronger than inspiration)

apple cider gin fizz