What do we mean when we say we're a secular magazine?

We think this is pretty simple: Your religion (or non-religion) is none of our business. We think you’ve got that covered — and if you don’t, we suspect that you can find people and resources that can help you find your way much better than we can. What we’re interested in is education. Learning. Discovering. Engaging with the world of knowledge and ideas. And that’s what we’re going to explore in home/school/life — in the pages of the magazine and here on the website.

We are a secular magazine. That means that this is a non-religious space. We hope that people from a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences will find resources and inspiration here. But we won’t be giving you ideas for creating a religious homeschool or finding religious-focused materials here—not in the magazine nor in the advertisements that run in it. Our goal isn’t to bash or criticize religious homeschooling, but it is to connect people with the best secular resources and inspiration out there.

We hope you’ll always feel like home/school/life is a space where your beliefs are respected. But the conversation here is focused on learning, and we like it that way.