Stuff We Like :: 6.15.18

If you have been watching the stories about children separated from their parents and detained in what seem to be pretty terrible conditions and want to do something, here is a list of places that are working to help these children.



Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to take advantage of our biggest curriculum discount. (You can learn more about the curriculum here and listen to a sample audio lecture here.) I have also set up a Facebook group for folks who are using the curriculum next year so you can trade ideas, ask questions, and connect with each other. (Also so I can talk about books with you! :))

How do you know when it’s time to end your homeschool year? (Deciding that you can’t commit to an official end date and just homeschooling year round is a totally valid life decision — at least, I hope it is!)

I finally put up a spring book review roundup.

one year ago: Suzanne celebrates the perfect-for-summer-reading adventures of the Great Brain. Plus: Historical fiction set in ancient Rome.

two years ago: Flashback to my 8th grade homeschool. Plus: The life-changing magic of embracing your kid’s reading choices.

three years ago: Answering the dreaded summer break question. Plus: Homeschooling through hard patches.



Vanya on 42nd Street is on my list of top 10 movies, so I loved this little essay about its place in the New York cityscape. (If you haven’t seen it, you should!)

So much this: Sometimes, you should just quit.

This is so true right now for me: I don’t know how to waste time on the internet anymore.

Also a little too true for me right now: Facebook is doing our emotional labor, and that’s why we can’t quit it.



I kept reading about Blood at the Root and how good it is, and oh, it is really good but also heartbreaking and just down the road from me and so, so hard to read. You should probably read it — just maybe not while you’re feeling emotionally fragile because it’s not an easy book.

I’m trying not to count, but I think I have read Zita the Spacegirl with my son something like 6,000,033 times so far this summer. I did want him to fall in love with a book!

I’ve been watching Big Dreams, Small Spaces on Netflix while I’m knitting in the evenings, and it may seriously be the second-most soul-soothing show I know. (The Great British Baking Show, of course, is the first.) The show follows a British celebrity gardener as he goes around and advises people on their backyard gardens and allotments, and while I cannot keep a pot of rosemary alive on my kitchen windowsill, I find the whole thing delightful, especially the garden parties at the end of each episode.



I have these sandals for summer, and while they are very much in the spirit of the Golden Girls, they are super comfortable and the Golden Girls are awesome so I’m calling it a win — just maybe not a fashion win. :)

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