Stuff We Like :: 5.25.18

The pool is finally open! I like that a lot.


We launched our high school curriculum this week — it’s the liberal arts curriculum I helped create for Jason’s hybrid high school, so it’s all about critical thinking, reading, and writing. You can read all about it here. 

Shelli muses on the difference a few years can make in your homeschool life.

Have you entered to win our homeschool planning package? 

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Honestly, I’m sharing this just for the headline.

I found this essay subverting the notion of Greek “whiteness” fascinating, and I can’t wait to teach Homer again with this in mind.

This charm bracelet — and what it says about hope and art in dark times — really is remarkable.

The comfortable mythology of imperialism is complicated for the authors embraced by Western culture: “All of us on that world-literature list are basically safe, domesticated, just exotic enough to make our readers feel that they are liberal, not parochial or biased. That is, we are purveyors of comforting myths for a small segment of the dominant culture that would like to see itself as open-minded.”



I’m knitting Magical for my son’s Hanukkah sweater — I got a lot of flack from the kids about trying to sub hats for the usual holiday sweaters last year, so I am taking advantage of summer knitting time — and I am finally watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine while I work on it. Trust me: Suzanne is always right about television shows, and if she tells you to watch something, you should watch it.

We just started our third official Harry Potter readaloud. It was an accident — we just meant to read the first chapter because we were discussing what makes a great first chapter — but once you start, apparently you can’t stop. Oh well, there are worse ways to spend a summer!