Volunteer Projects for Homeschoolers: Little Ways to Make the World a Better Place

Many of us have become more politically active than ever before over the past year, but activism doesn’t always have to mean protests and petitions. These everyday actions can have a positive impact that benefits your whole community and let you see how your good deeds benefit real people.



  • Organize your pantry, and donate extras and duplicates to a food bank. (Check the expiration dates!)
  • Clean up your room, and collect outgrown shoes and clothes to donate to a family shelter.
  • Sort through your books, and donate outgrown or unloved titles to a homeschool
  • group library.
  • Collect old sport equipment to donate to your parks and recreation department.
  • Offer to help an older neighbor rake leaves or mow the lawn.



  • Drop off your artwork at a senior center.
  • Organize a board game day for younger kids at a homeschool group.
  • Volunteer to read to kids at your library.
  • Write a thank-you note to someone who has encouraged or inspired you.



  • Start a food drive for a food pantry through a homeschool group.
  • Put on a talent show with a group of friends to raise money for a cause you believe in.
  • Get a group of friends together to assemble care kits for homeless people. (Include snacks, hygiene items, water, socks, and a list of local resources.)
  • Organize a lemonade stand or bake sale to raise money for a charity.
  • Put together a toy drive for kids stuck in the hospital.
  • Visit a local animal shelter to help socialize animals waiting for adoption.



  • Plant a bee garden on your patio or in the backyard.
  • Use your allowance to buy a reusable water bottle.
  • Sew or knit reusable grocery bags, and donate them.


This list is excerpted from “You Can Make a Difference,” a feature in the winter 2017 issue of HSL.