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One of our new year’s resolutions for 2019 is to make more time for podcasts, curriculum plans, unit studies, blog posts, and other great HSL stuff, and as part of that effort, we've launched a Patreon.

HSL delivers tons of free content every month on the blog — explore our archives, and you'll find five years' worth of book recommendations, unit study ideas, homeschool FAQ, and thoughtful features on homeschool life. We do this without accepting advertising from non-secular curriculum companies and without trading editorial coverage for advertising revenue, which means that we don’t make a lot of money with the magazine. We're okay with this! And we love being able to offer lots of free resources to homeschoolers. But sometimes the bottom line is that our editors have to focus on work that pays the bills rather than on the creative, fun stuff we'd like to do for HSL. We like keeping the lights on!

If you want to, you can support our efforts beyond the magazine with a small contribution — and in return, we’ll be sharing twice-monthly Patreon-only content, including new podcasts (before they go live on the website), book reviews and recommendations, thoughts about my personal homeschool life that I'm a little too shy to post on the main HSL blog, planning tips, book study guides, and other homeschool-related writing. (Our first post is about the commonplace books I put together for my kids every year, and I’m working on another post about how we’ve homeschooled AP classes.) At the $3+ level, you get access to a live monthly chat, where Suzanne and I will answer — or at least attempt to answer — all your homeschool-related questions and make very opinionated assertions about what you should read next. (Space Opera, if you haven’t already!) Your Patreon contribution will allow us to bring back the podcast, host live chats, publish more resources and bespoke book lists, and maybe ultimately even increase the number of issues of the magazine we publish each year. Learn more here.

We’re so lucky to have work that we love and the greatest readers in the world, and we’re looking forward to kicking things up at HSL a notch in 2019.