The HSL 2018 Reading Challenge

New year, new books! If you’re looking for a way to organize your (endless) reading lists for 2018, consider our Reading Challenge Bingo — it’s flexible enough to work for you and your younger readers and a fun way to keep track of what you’re reading throughout the year. You can be as ambitious as you like: Complete the card, or just complete a row. Ideally, this challenge will point you toward a few books you wanted to read anyway and toward a few books that you might not have picked up otherwise. (We’ll choose books that tick off bingo boxes for our readalouds of the week during 2018.) 

  • a book at least 100 years older than you are
  • a book you can read in one day
  • a book by a Native American author
  • a book that has more than 500 pages
  • a novel based on a real person
  • a book by a South American author
  • a book told through letters
  • a book with a protagonist who is (on the surface) nothing like you — from a different country, of a different ethnic background, etc.
  • a book set on the continent of Africa
  • a book your librarian recommends
  • a book by a favorite author
  • a novel written in verse
  • a collection of short stories
  • a banned book
  • a book that’s been translated into English
  • one of Suzanne’s Library Chicken recommendations
  • a book by a writer from another country
  • a book published in 2018
  • a book about nature
  • a book with a title you love
  • a classic you’ve been meaning to read
  • a book published the year you were born
  • a book written by an immigrant
  • a book inspired by Asian mythology or folklore
  • the first book in a series

You can download a copy of the Bingo card here. (And Suzanne has some great tips for keeping up with what you're reading during the year.) Happy reading in 2018!