Stuff We Like :: 9.8.17

This week has been NUTS! We officially started 10th grade and 4th grade in our homeschool, and Jason’s school (where I am teaching a motley crew of classes, including Latin, AP English, and Greek Literature as well as mentoring all of this year’s seniors) officially opened its doors for the 2017-18 school year. In other news, I am helping support all the friendly delivery people at our local delivery joints and I am learning to love my daily cup of coffee in an entirely new way. Which is all a long way of saying this may be a short round-up! 


around the web

I know the college drop-off is looming in our future, so of course this essay made me cry.

This is the most introvert-perfect book club ever! (Now I want to start one…)

Netflix is making a series for the Who Was biographies! Sign us up.


at home/school/life

on the blog: What can you do after high school if you don’t want to jump right into college? A lot! (People sometimes ask me what the difference is between the magazine and the blog, and I think this story—from the magazine—is a great example: There’s tons of original reporting, lots of specific resources, and more room to explore a topic thoroughly in the magazine.)

one year ago: Start a joy journal. (Still one of my favorite pieces of homeschool advice!)

two years ago: We loved Book Scavenger (and now there’s a sequel -- thanks A!)


at home

I did not read anything not related to classes or work, I did not make any progress on my socks (though I did make the heel turn before I had to pause, and it went surprisingly well), I did not cook anything, I did not watch anything except for 12 Angry Men, which we screened for our first school movie club. I am kind of boring this week, so maybe you could tell me something fun you did in the comments? :)