Stuff We Like :: 9.29.17

Oh, hey, it’s fall! Let’s just ignore the thermometer and enjoy it.

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I have actually been doing this with my students this year, and it really does make a difference. (I didn’t know it was A Thing, though. Cool.)

Look what’s up for the 2017 Kirkus Prize! (I am cheering for Bronze and Sunflower, but there are a lot of good ones this year.)

You guys probably know that I’m always trying to get people to read Lockwood & Co. (and it’s almost Halloween so I should probably step that up again), about a team of adolescent ghost hunters in an alternate—and haunted—London. It’s always sounded like the perfect set-up for a television series, and now it might actually be one!

Story of my life.


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on the blog: I'm a big fan of DIY curriculum, and here's my method for putting together my own homeschool curriculum.

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two years ago: How to set—and achieve—learning goals in your homeschool


Reading list

I'm just about a quarter of the way into Magpie Murders (based on Suzanne's Library Chicken report), but I am already loving this quirky mystery-within-a-mystery.

I have been reading The Iliad and The Odyssey (I think the linked ones have ended up being my preferred version, but I could change my mind. Again.) over and over again this fall for my Greek humanities class, and it's reminded me how amazing it is to read something more than once or twice. I think I get very seduced by all the Shiny New Books (and I'd miss tons of great reads if I weren't!), but there's definitely something to be said for digging into familiar texts to illuminate new pieces of them.

My daughter is reading Akata Witch (hey, another Suzanne pick!) and comparing it to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for a paper for world literature. I'm just enjoying the book!


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The Good Place is back!

I'm not saying it's been a long week, but I am saying I'm glad it's sidecar season. Even if it's still 90 degrees. (I guess there’s not actually a sidecar season, but I have to switch from negronis at some point so I can appreciate my first springtime negroni every year, right?)