Stuff We Like :: 9.22.17

Happy New Year! (Even if you don’t celebrate Rosh Hashanah, everybody could use a bonus fresh start, right? :)) We have had a wonderful week because my sister-in-law and her sweet family (including my new baby nephew who is perfect in every way) are visiting and I got to complain a lot about how terrible Agamemnon is while teaching the Iliad. (He’s the Worst, though!)

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I had never heard of witness trees, but now I’m fascinated. (And they remind me of Katherine Applegate’s new book, which is at the top of my reading list.)

Ha! Excerpts from the all-girl remake of Lord of the Flies.

You know I will read anything about libraries in history, so obviously they had me at “Jacobean traveling library.”


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on the blog: We’re bringing back the newsletter!

on the blog: Maggie has some great advice for when your student can read but doesn’t want to.

one year ago: Carrie on why homeschool parents need field trips, too

two year ago: An imaginary friend helps a boy through a tough time in Crenshaw


reading list

My 10-year-old and I have been laughing our way through the Fudge books together, and I’m sad we just finished Fudge-a-mania because that means we’ve only got Double Fudge left.

I’ve got Sourdough waiting for me on my bedside table—hoping I have a chance to pick it up before the library demands it back!

I ordered a copy of the 10th anniversary edition of Veganomicon. My copy is pretty battered at this point, and I couldn’t resist 25 new recipes.


at home

I’m still trying to find my balance between teaching and working and homeschooling and mom-ing, but I keep reminding myself that I’m incredibly lucky that I love all the things I’m trying to balance. 

Suzanne and I joined litsy together as home-school-life-reads. (This is totally because of Stephanie, and she says you can blame her if our obsession with this Instagram+Goodreads social media app makes us late with the fall issue!)