Stuff We Like :: 8.18.17

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There has been a lot NOT to like this week. Can we please just all agree, for the sake of sanity, that Nazis are doubleplusungood?


around the web

As your doctor, I am protesting the removal of your tumor because I don't want to erase your medical history

Short but helpful: What do you do when you realize your favorite childhood book is actually racist? (Spoiler: You read it, and you talk about it.)

In difficult times, we turn to the real purpose of the internet: cute animal pictures

More reasons James Baldwin will always be cooler than I am (and I am totally OK with that)

If you’re loving the excitement the eclipse has generated in your homeschool, keep up with other big astronomy events all year with this handy calendar.

I love this: reading aloud with others is more important than you think


at home/school/life

on the blog: Someone asked for an eclipse reading list, which made me realize there are a lot of great books about eclipses.

on instagram: It’s planning season!

one year ago: We should all know more about Nellie Bly

two years ago: Rebecca reviews Thames and Kosmos science kits


reading list

It’s another not-so-stellar week of Library Chicken over here as I obsess over planning and re-planning my outside classes, but I always manage to squeeze in a little reading time: No Time Like the Past (+1, actually managed to get this in, read it, and return it on time, which I think deserves a cake and/or parade); The Dire King (+0, advance copy, but it’s the new Jackaby book so I can’t wait to write about it!); The Jumbies (+1, thanks to Suzanne’s fall column for the recommendation); It’s Perfectly Normal (+0, off the shelf, just rereading before I read through it with my almost-10-year-old); Salad Samurai (+0, off my shelf, because I am looking for some lunchbox inspiration); Thorn (+1, I loved this fairy tale reimagining)


at home

I finished my baby knitting projects and cast on for my first pair of socks. Because apparently I don’t have enough to do. Which is also apparently why I’m applying to graduate history programs. What is wrong with me? :)

I have been too busy, but as soon as I have a minute, I have the second season of Mr. Robot all queued up. I’m not sure if I really like this show or just find it interestingly weird, but I can’t wait to see what happens next.