Readaloud of the Week: When Mischief Came to Town

When Mischief Came to Town
By Katrina Nannestad

In brief: After her mother’s death, Inge Maria goes to live with her grandmother on a tiny Danish island where the grown-ups and her new school are stricter than she’s accustomed to. But Inge Maria’s curiosity, intelligence, and tendency to making mischief may be just what the little island community needs—and Inge Maria discovers that she has more in common with her grandmother than she expected.


What makes it a great readaloud: Perfectly balancing tenderness and humor, this is pretty much a textbook example of a heartwarming story. Inge Maria is utterly lovable, and the island town is peopled by funny, interesting residents. Bonus: This book is full of yummy food.


But be aware: Inge Maria’s mother’s death is a sad undercurrent that runs throughout the book.


Quotable: “Tears and laughter. Grief and joy. Loss and love. It's all right to have both. I know that now.”