Readaloud of the Week: Wolf Story

In brief: A father's bedtime story (about a determined fox and resourceful hen) stretches on over days and weeks as his son asks for "more Wolf story."


What makes it a great readaloud? The continuing adventures of Waldo are a great reminder of how fun—and addictive—good stories can be. And Wolf Story is one of those great books that is enjoyable for readers (who will totally identify with the dad's occasional wishes to just get to a stopping place so he can get some sleep) and listeners (who will love the unexpected twists and turns of the increasingly wacky Wolf adventures).


But be aware: You may want to be prepared for your own bedtime storytelling sessions. (Shelli has some great tips to get you started.)


Quotable: "Daddy! Stop!" cried the boy. "Stop saying so many colors. You're putting me to sleep!"
"Why not?" said the man. "This is bedtime."
"But I want some story first," said the boy. "Not just colors."