Readaloud of the Week: The Map to Everywhere

The Map to Everywhere
By Carrie Ryan, John Parke Davis

In brief: Master Thief is the obvious career for a boy who no one can ever remember, but Fin dreams of finding the one person he knows will remember him—his lost mother. Instead, he meets Marrill, a school girl from our own world, who can somehow remember Fin—but who desperately needs to find her way back to her family. The Map to Everywhere holds the answer for both of them, but they’ll have to navigate the worlds of the Pirate Stream to find the missing pieces and put them back together.

What makes it a great readaloud? Fin and Marrill are smart, believable characters who forge a strong, believable friendship within their crazy circumstances. Their bond is the heart of this book—but there’s also plenty of adventure and humor to keep you reading.

But be aware: It’s not exactly a cliff-hanger, but the ending does set up the next book.

Quotable: “Magic is just the potential for creation. It follows no rules and breaks them all.”