Stuff We Like :: 3.17.17

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Happy weekend!

around the web

If you have had a tough week, you need Friar Moustache.

And another story to make you feel better about the world: This college student is writing women back into the history of science, one Wikipedia entry at a time

Now this is an Instagram I could get behind.


at home/school/life

on the blog: Homeschool Madness is getting real, y’all! Round 3 starts this afternoon. Help us narrow the FINAL FOUR down to the FINAL TWO.

one year ago: The Music Gap that Filled Itself

two years ago: So What If All They Do Is Play Video Games?


reading list

OK, so I read a lot of books. I like a lot of books. But wow, The Hate U Give completely blew me away. It’s not an easy book to read—it’s about the shooting of a young black man by a police officer and the effect it has on a neighborhood and one girl in particular. But it is un-put-down-able. I passed this one on to my teenager immediately. I also bought another copy for my best friend.

I doubt that anyone will be surprised that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Word by Word: The Secret Life of Dictionaries. If you are similarly obsessed with similarly obsessive books about words, this one doesn’t disappoint. 

My son and I are reading Ottoline and the Purple Fox. I love Ottoline for many reasons (Mr. Munroe! Those illustrations! The postcards!), but maybe the biggest reason is that my son sometimes takes one of these books off the shelf and says, “Can we read this one again?”


in the kitchen

I finally had to replace my beloved hand-held can opener. (One can of chickpeas too many, I guess!) I don’t even know how old it was, but it was my grandmother’s before it was mine, and it had a long, proud life. I got a slightly updated version of the same one so I can keep making those endless pans of roasted chickpeas.

Cookie of the week: Olive oil sugar cookies with blood orange glaze (these were ridiculously good)


at home

We’ve been having lots of open houses and Q&A nights for Jason’s school the last few weeks, and it looks like we’re set to have a full class for fall. So yay! But it’s definitely been busy and exhausting, and I will be glad to hole up with the spring issue alone for a few weeks to recharge.

The weather is so crazy—last week, it felt like summer was on the way, and we spent every possible minute outside. This week, it’s been so cold we lit a fire. In both places, we’ve been playing lots of Adventure Time Munchkin. (They always let me be BMO. That’s love.)