Stuff We Like :: 12.29.17

Happy New Year! I hope you are getting to slow down a little and enjoy some downtime with your family.


around the web

Your perfect New Year’s resolution based on your favorite literary character. (I am Hermione Granger-ing all the way in 2018.)

Speaking of resolutions: How to get over the need to be liked by everyone you meet

Suzanne and I were just talking about this! Apparently “OK.” is the most passive-aggressive text you can send someone.

This is fascinating: The ongoing archaeology behind The Island of the Blue Dolphins


at home/school/life

in the magazine: We’re wrapping up the winter issue—hooray!

on the blog: Our family’s favorite books of 2017

one year ago: A high school history curriculum that asks big questions (I know lots of people who are using this program and loving it)

two years ago: How to start homeschooling in the middle of the year

three years ago: Three words every homeschooling parent should know


at home

I’m sort of obsessed with these coffee malted cookies, and I love that I have the extra time to actually bake them right now.

We are all really enjoying hanging out, playing games, reading our new books, and eating way too much yummy food. It probably doesn't make for very exciting reading, but it’s been pretty fabulous.